Sunday, 30 August 2009

The best laid plans of mice and men

Last night was our reunion for the cadet corps. A great time was had by all, but not all we wanted to see. It did bother me a little that many who confirmed didn't make it in, but those who did had a great time. Our original plan was to have a catered event at a legion here in Windsor, so planning started months ago. Calls were made, promo material published, announcements were sent to various media outlets (it helps when I work for newspapers), all in an attempt to find as many as we could for this very important 40th anniversary of the corps. We wanted present members to attend as well, it was to be an all ages event.

Plans changed.

We didn't get the response we wanted, the current corps leadership failed to promote the event with the cadets - many of whom had relatives that have grown up with the corps an important part of their lives. The current leadership either failed, or more likely, didn't bother to help. Yup, I'm slamming the present leadership. Deal with it.

When we realized the reunion wouldn't go down as planned, we changed gears and went for the house party idea. One former member offered up his acre and a half backyard to us, and we headed out, with coolers, chairs and cameras. We had 15 former members there last night, all of whom have managed to stay in touch for over 25 years. Some of them are good friends who rarely go more than a few days without seeing each other, some moved away and rarely come back to Windsor, but everyone there had one thing in common, an intense desire to keep connected with those who helped shape who they are all those years ago. Even if we only see each other once a year, we still carried on as if it was only yesterday that we parted company. The camaraderie we shared was unique and heartfelt. Seeing a couple of guys who were inseparable back then trading jabs like brothers, even though they had not seen each other or even talked since the early 90s, we must have really had something back then. I can only hope my children find people that mean that much to each other that many years later.

Those who couldn't attend were missed, but in the end, there were many reasons. People get busy, or move away, it's hard to do this for so many reasons. There was no animosity towards those who didn't show, we will just make sure they see the pics and hear the stories, and maybe that way they can still feel like they took part. Next time, maybe, others can share what we had last night.

We have grey hair now, we don't move as fast, age has started to catch up to us, but that didn't matter, last night we were all 18 again. This morning however, I feel my age plus 18.

I can't wait til next year.


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