Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Where the hell did June go?

I haven't blogged since June 6.
I just haven't felt like it.

So, for anyone who is concerned about my well being, I'm still here. Not much else going on, just here. Here's June in a nutshell:

• Kim is still looking for work
• The city is still on strike, the taxis are still on strike, my oldest graduated from grade school
• Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Billy Mays all died
• I lost my driver's license due to an unpaid speeding ticket, and got it back within two weeks
• Windsor hosted the Red Bull Air Races (during the strike)
• We had a visit from distant relatives from Texas and showed them our fair town, as well as piled up garbage
• My daughter got taller?
• My nephew celebrated his 19th birthday, and therefore was taken to a bar for the first time by his father and I
• Chrysler minivan workers went back to work after being off since April
• The US military pulled out of Iraqi cities and towns
• We rebuilt our backyard and purged the crap from the house

I'm sure there's more but that's still a lot of blog fodder missed. Maybe I didn't write because there was too much going on. Maybe I was stuck to the TV too much trying to keep up with all going on in the world. Maybe I just didn't want to.

I promise to get back into it, I will start again for all you 12 people who actually read this.

See ya next month.

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  1. Yeah, you were busy>

    See you next month as well.


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