Saturday, 9 May 2009

Things that break

I just busted my lawnmower halfway through my front yard. I've now managed to give my yard a mohawk. Yeah.

I managed to get through the back yard, for the first time this year. I think the thick grass did it in. Within minutes of getting around the front, the motor made a weird popping noise and cut out. When I touched the underside I got one hell of an electric shock. I'm fairly certain it's done.

So now I stop. I started this morning cleaning the kitchen in preparation for out-of-town company, who as it turns out is having car problems and doesn't want to risk the trip. I spent the afternoon, with my unexpectedly earned free time, playing a game. Now, I'm bogging with a mohawk yard. Isn't it funny that you can go days without writing only to begin the moment something frustrates you? I'm taking my frustrations out on the keyboard with my still-tingling fingers. At least for the remainder of the day I will have a constant reminder that I need to go borrow my neighbour's machine. But I've lost my mojo.

Now I don't even want to write - it kinda hurts.


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