Monday, 6 April 2009

Strange Spring

This was taken in our backyard today...

The snow melted off the slide and did its best impression of a fruit roll up. I just thought it was neat. Completely pointless, but neat.

Winter gave us a final (?) blast today, pissed everyone off, it didn't stop until early this evening. Luckily the ground was too warm for much of it to stick, but there was a at least a few centimeters to navigate. Damn I need spring. The only point of the exercise was this picture.

Sigh. I can't wait until it's a child doing an impression of a fruit roll up.



  1. Comment whore.

    I really like the picture, and would not have taken the time to even notice it, but you stopped and reminded me to take the time to stop to smell the roses...or look at the jelly rolls as the case may be.

    Mmmmmm.... jelly rolls.
    Wanna go to the store for me?

  2. We've had over two weeks of gray, and snow, and rain, and sleet, but the last two days, while not horribly warm, have been sunny. I feel better already.


    It is coming, but it's being a tease about it.


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