Monday, 2 February 2009

The polka-dotted president

OK, so the US now has a black president. Historically, a moment in time that we will all remember. Definitely a milestone in our time. The Klan is screaming for one reason, the enlightened populous screaming for another. Now, let's move along please. This guy has work to do. Get over it, he's black, and he' s president. 

I don't really care if the guy is purple with pink polka dots. Really, does it matter? It certainly is a moment in time where the dream of Martin Luther King Jr. is realized to the fullest extent. It is a time when those who were emancipated by Lincoln have dreamed of, it is a time of acceptance. But, let's move along. 

Obama is now the president of the American people. Not the American blacks, American whites, American latinos, Americans of middle eastern, European, Asian or Martian descent. He's event he president of Americans who suffer from skin conditions that make them appear purple with pink polka dots. 


This guy is now the president of the US and should be treated like that in all media. The reason for this minor diatribe is the fact that I cannot listen to any media coverage anymore without one pundit going on at length about how his skin colour differs from his predecessor.  There is always now, and probably will be for the foreseeable future, someone analyzing the movements and decisions of Obama as they pertain to the black community. Frankly I'm getting a little tired of it. I'm getting tired of the over-examination of race in American politics. There, I said it. So please just stop it. How about talking about how the economy is affecting ALL Americans? (BTW, I'm Canadian, but the affects of this administration will be felt here as well). The only way at this point that it should matter is when it comes to the fact that Obama has broken the stereotype of the American presidency - An all white, all male, elitist club. That's news. Is he going to help middle class black people before middle class white people? I frickin' doubt it. He's there to do a job that could help everyone, regardless of skin colour. It really Doesn't matter in terms of his job performance. Being black doesn't mean that one ethnic group should or will benefit over another. 

To those who think it will...

Piss off. If someone rips off your arm and beats you senseless with it, what colour is the blood? 
I proved my point. Now shut the fuck up. 

The only reason anyone should be concerned is the right wing nut jobs who might want to do this guy harm because he's black. The Secret Service certainly has their work cut out for them, there are too many of those freaks out there. They need to be beaten with their own arms until they see the light. That should be the punishment for racial intolerance. 

Obama is an intelligent, ambitious, charismatic leader. And even if he fails in his own mandate, he will succeed by bringing Americans together in hope and light the way to a new era. He will extend a hand to the countries of the world who, because of the last guy (yeah, speculation, get over it), hate the US. He will try to bring the US back to it's position as a leader in world economics and human rights not by his being black, or by his policies, but simply by making amends and leading. Those countries are black, white, asian, european, middle-eastern, latino, and of all faiths. 

Obama being black isn't doing that, Obama being himself is doing that. The news media really should pay attention to that idea. Not the fact that his skin looks darker than the previous 43 president. 

Maybe he should have been purple with pink polka-dots. Then who would the pundits be?



  1. Isn't beating the intolerant about the head with their own recently removed arm being rather intolerant yourself. Let me see your hand for a minute.

  2. Wait, is the new President Polka-Roo?

    I get what you are saying, and I do agree although he has ONLY been President for a few days...lets see if he really can make a difference.
    THEN we can remark on the reason that he is doing a good job is because he actually KNOWS what he is doing not because of the colour of his skin.

    Hmmm..maybe Polka-Roo for Prime Minister? Couldn't do any worse right?

  3. Two things of note.

    I think it is momentous that we have a black president. I also think it's momentous that we also have the first black coach to lead a team to the Superbowl.

    These things are important and should be noted, because we should be reminded how far we've come.

    However, that doesn't have a damned thing to do with his politics, and those who are trying to tie the two together need to shut the fuck up.

    Let's discuss it in the context of history, not within the context of politics.

  4. Your absolutely right Michelle. That was actually my point until I started going off on a tangent!


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