Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Recession Merry-Go-Round

The Federal Conservative government released its 2009 budget today.

Pick a side of the fence now.

Billions of dollars in recession spending, huge tax cuts, increases to the EI payment terms, tax rebates for home renovations, 9% government budget spending in this year alone, and much more. The budget will throw Canada into a budget deficit for the first time in years. A deficit of $33 Billion. 

The opposition is quite split so far - The NDP and the Bloc have already come out against it, saying they will vote it down, the Liberals will hold their decision on support by Wednesday. More than likely they will vote against it, and the government will fall. We will be in election mode again in the great white north again. The second time in 5 months, and third time in 2.5 years.

We are in the worst recession in 30 years, and the government is about to fall because it tried to help the economy. They will fall because the partisan politics is more important than fixing the damn country. It will fall because the twits we hired to run this country can't pull their collective heads out of their collective asses and fix the damn problem. They all agree something must be done, but they will collapse the government over the question of how. 

I've never really been a supporter of Harper, I think he's a shady arrogant robot who's hair is designed in such a way to cover the hatch to the mechanism in his head that needs oil every now and then. He's basically an artificial lifeform. No compassion, no personality, nothing, just a robot. 


He has a point this time. His government has the responsibility to push this country forward and get people working again. He has the responsibility to infuse the system with the regulations and financing to get banks lending again, get businesses hiring again, get manufacturers to build again, get people happy again. We've gone from the number one country in the world to a country in turmoil. He has to fix it. Does anyone really envy this guy? Who really would want that task? Whatever decision you make will be criticized from all sides and you yourself will be tarred and feathered for making the tough decisions. I say let him go. Let the deficit grow. Let it happen. What people need to understand is that when the economy recovers they money will come back. Some of these incentives, like the home improvement credit are already stated as temporary - that thing is only applicable for 2009.

The opposition thinks they can do a better job and they are willing to vote non-confidence to prove it. What will the cost be? Another government stalled in its tracks while we hold a new election ($300 million by the way). Wait until the new session of parliament starts, wait until the 'new' government pulls their heads out of their asses while they table their solution, wait until they table their budget, only to have it voted down as well. The nightmare continues.

Whether you like him or loath him, Harper is doing what we need. He's giving Canadians hope in a budget that stimulates our economy. Yes, we're small potatoes compared to the US, and their economic woes vastly overwhelm ours and greatly affect us (especially so close to the border), but we have to make the effort to fix our own.

Leave the damn government alone and let them craft some sort of plan. ANY plan at this point that might instill some hope into our fledgling peoples. We need it and we need it now.

Let's just hope it works, cause this just sucks.


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