Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Trying to rejoin the living

I'm up finally, barely moving, still sore, can't breathe well, every bone hurts and frick am I hungry! I'm going to try to post, but my fingers are numb. This is the worst flu I have EVER had. Read Kim's post to get the whole story, I don't feel like writing that much. Suffice it to say the past week has been eventful around here. I've missed almost a full week of work, not to mention trying to remain coherent during one of the most turmultuous periods of Canadian politics - Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition is making a coalition deal with a political party who's sole mandate is sovereignty of Quebec and the break up of Canada. Sadly, my on again off again state of being has meant I have missed most of the coverage. The next few months will be interesting in this country. Stay tuned, let's see if CNN clues in that something is actually happening in Canada worth covering for more than 10 seconds.

Enough for today, time for a nap.


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