Friday, 28 November 2008

Some days are just crazier than others

Happy birthday to my daughter - you turn 8 today.

I can remember you being small enough to fit on a couch cushion, when you didn't walk or talk, when you rode your bike for the first time, your first tooth, your first play-date. A lot of firsts. Now you are 8. You have grown out of that awkward toddler stage into a little girl who wants to wear dresses to school, worries that her shoes don't match your nylons, you want to paint your nails and wear earrings, and the Jonas Brothers are your new best friends. How you have changed over such a short time. When I look around my home I see things that I had when you were born, they haven't changed! My coffee cup was being used the day you came home, the living room table held your baby carrier, we even have plants that age. How is it that life has a way of changing so much while our lives themselves appear to be static? You have made our lives dynamic. Not the things in our house, but a little girl who takes on every day as a new learning experience. Happy birthday bug. Even though we aren't really celebrating today, it's still your day to start again. Just like you do every day.

Now as for the reason we're not celebrating today;
My son is having his Confirmation tonight. 

The Bishop of London has seen fit to schedule such an event on bug's day. How rude. Bug wanted us to call him and have it moved. They wouldn't budge.  He has his new suit, family is on the way, the refreshments are being prepared, etc, etc. Good thing that everyone is home today to help with this. Leading me to the third events today - I'm still sick. I still have the flu which has racked me for almost a week now. I feel like sleeping at any given point and I can't get warm. This really sucks. I took another sick day today, I just hope I don't fall asleep while playing chauffeur to the wife while she takes care of the last minute details. Snoozing between deep breathes will be the game today.

This morning I put the news on to see how the world is celebrating with us today, not good. Not a day of memorable events my family can look at down the road and relate to our little world, however, important none the less. The Mumbai terrorist attacks claimed more victims overnight. There are now 147 confirmed dead including at least one Canadian. The coordinated attacks at 10 sites through the city have the hallmarks of Al Quaeda written all over them. The financial centre of the world's most populous democracy. These attacks had the potential of making 9-11 look like a shooting gallery at a local fair. Luckily the morons did not quite achieve their goals. Thank God.

Secondly, it appears that our government will endure a vote of non-confidence on Monday. The opposition parties thinks the Conservative government is doing nothing to bail this country out of the recession they have now confirmed we're in. So, bring 'em down! They are talking about a ruling coalition of opposition parties to take over the government. This is unheard of in Canada. Scary when you think that Gilles Duceppe is a separatist leader of the Bloc Quebecois whose sole desire is to have Quebec separate from the rest of the country. In a coalition, the Prime Minister's seat can go to one of three people - the Liberal leader who is leaving in May because he failed to lead, reducing his party's status to the lowest number of seats EVER, The New Democratic leader, who I like, I just don't agree with his party's doctrine, and a separatist. Monday will be interesting. How do you fix the economy in Canada? Call an election! We're all doomed.

Happy birthday bug.
Happy confirmation Munch.
Happy sick day dad.
Happy running around getting ready for it all Kim.
Let's all hope those having a normal boring day enjoy it.


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