Thursday, 13 November 2008


You were there at the start of it all.
You were the first to see me.
You were there when I first walked,
when I spoke my first word, 
when I went to school.
You were there when I first rode my bike,
and comforted me the first time I fell off it.
You were there when I got good marks from Mr. Marks,
You were there when Mr. Boughner failed me.
You showed me how to learn and grow,
You showed me how to be me. 
When I headed to camp the first time, you encouraged me,
When I called home the first time you said you missed me.
When I needed to take a driving test, you loaned your car to me,
When I got engaged, you cried for me.
You made my wife's dress, 
You helped us pay for the day, 
You made it worthwhile.
You helped us when we were down, 
And humoured us when the time was right.

We were there when you heard the news.
We were there when you felt like life wasn't fair at all.
We were there when you had your surgery,
And we held your hand when the chemo made the days harder to bear.
We never could really get used to the wig, 
But eventually it just became another part of you. 
We were there when you became weaker.
We walked with you to keep your spirits up.
We were there to help you plan,
Because that's the kind of person you were, nothing left to chance.

We were there when you died.
We were in the room asking you to be free. 
We were there when you took flight, 
And that night we drank a toast to you. 
A silent tribute to the one who kept us grounded.
We were there when your friends honoured you. 
We heard the words and they still resound to this day in our hearts.
We were there at the wake, when all sorrow was put aside and your life was celebrated.

Now you are here again,
Watching over us. 

Good dreams mom.

Edith Faith Evangeline McCombs Wilson
April 10, 1942 - November 13, 2002


  1. She is still here Keith, every day..she is in all that is good in you, Joanne, Scott..and all the grandchildren. She is there for the good, there for the bad, and all the stuff in between.
    She never really left. At least that is what i like to believe.

    I love you.

  2. You made me cry and I've been trying not to. Faith is so very proud of you and the legacy she has left behind. That butterfly touch you feel every now and then is her encouraging and praising you.
    Love you Sweetie.

  3. Thanks Shae. Not an easy day for any of us. Is it supposed to get easier? Is it supposed to sink in at some point? I had to work late tonight, the whole time thinking I should be at the cemetery, but of course it's too far away for a lunchtime trip. I wrote this at work tonight, after everyone had left, and the work was piling up. I didn't care. I needed it.

  4. All day I've been trying to be strong, not to cry...then I read your post. Beautiful and truthful words. Thankyou for writing how we all feel.
    I love you brother and Kimby is right

    She's still here with all of us.


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